The birth of Bladepoint.

In late 2020 while people around the world are juggling the holiday season, lockdowns and various restrictions brought on by the Covid pandemic, in a small village up in Finland Bladepoint was founded.

Bladepoints values lay in basic human nature. Honesty, openness, personal service and a community perspective. These things sound like normal things anyone could base anything on, but sadly in today's world monetary gain seems to be the driving force behind too many companies.

Years ago when I was in university someone said that while running a business money should be a side product of doing what you like. I believe this to be one of the best lessons they thought us. If monetary gain is the drive, the managers will have to convert that drive into whatever is needed for the company to survive. This does not always work as it is impossible to force a genuine interest for the craft or the community. Sure one can keep up the charade for a while, but in the end I do believe that honesty wins and that it will shine through.

Bladepoint is founded with the thought that it is nothing but a highway between humans making interactions. Customers and sellers, we are all human and we have our wants and needs. Communication is key and we have several paths to contact us about anything at all. Specially anyone who is a beginner in the knife making craft, we actively encourage you to ask. No question is too small or simple, we are all children in the beginning and everyone benefits from guidance.

Realizing this and also putting it into practice will help our community grow. Helping each other with tips and tricks, sharing previous experiences with various materials, even posting pictures of previous works will help someone struggling with inspiration. Bladepoint will grow with the community, and the community will grow with Bladepoint.

With this I conclude the first blog post on Bladepoint. Slightly incoherent and rambling, likely a fair few typo-s and grammatical errors. Imperfect, just like us.

Hoping everyone gets a prosperous new year 2021. Looking back it should not be too difficult to get it better than 2020 was.

Best regards


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