Bladepoint consists of Kaj-Mikael and Daisy. We are a couple residing in Finland, though Daisy is from the Netherlands. We both have experience from the knife industry as we have worked in the field for years. Daisy mainly in production and me in the office. Among our shared interests are all things crafty and seeking knowledge. There are always new things to learn, and we are both in that mindset regardless of what we do.

Bladepoint was officially founded early 2021 as an answer to changed employment status. As I had worked in the knife industry for years it was only natural to continue my work. Thus, when the time had come to part ways with my old employer, I made a decision and founded Bladepoint.

Knife making as any craft is ever changing with new trends popping up much similar to the world of fashion for example. New and interesting materials are developed every day, and we will try our best to bring them to the market. If you have a tip, question or a recommendation on what you would like to see on Bladepoint, drop us a line and we will see what we can do.

Our focus is on excellent service, community and the love for the craft. The craft is what is bringing us together regardless of the skill level. Be an amateur or a pro, everyone wants to show off their new creations so head off to any of our social media pages and show what you made!

We recycle packing material in the extent we can, of course while keeping your goods safe. Do not be surprised to see your items wrapped up in newspaper and advertising papers. We will use our best judgement in what is being sent where, and pack accordingly.

For any requests you might have, our contact info is linked below

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