Blade-Points Rewards

Yes, you read it right, Blade-Points.

Blade-Points is a reward system for loyal customers while also promoting the community. If you find a product you like, why wouldn't you let your friends know about it? With the Blade-Points system, normal social interactions like these become even more valuable.The points add up in your account automatically and you are free to use them as you see fit.

How to earn Blade-Points?

First off, you need an account at Bladepoint so the system has somewhere to put the points. We can also add the points manually, but it is all automated if you create an account first.

Earn by joining
Simply by joining in on the Blade-Points reward system you will be given a batch of 500 Blade-Points.

Earn by making purchases
When making a purchase while logged in, the system will automatically rewards you with 5 Blade-Points per 1€ spent.

Earn by referral
If you refer Bladepoint to a friend, both you and your friend earn a coupon worth 10€. This can be used as a discount when making any purchase. The referred friend gets the 10€ discount right away with the first order, and the friend who referred gets the discount once the friends order is placed.

How to spend Blade- Points?

100 Blade-Points equals a 1€ discount, and you are awarded 5 Blade-Points per € spent. This means that for example a purchase of 100€ will give you 500 Blade-Points, which will effectively become a 5% discount for loyal customers.

To activate the discount, be sure to log into your account and click the Rewards button in the down left corner. Go to the Redeem Points area, and here you will be guided through steps to receive a discount code. Activate the code at checkout, and the system will deduct the sum automatically. In detail tutorial below

Currently it is not possible to use with other discount codes in the same order. If you have another discount code you wish to use, please contact us so we can resolve it manually.


Redeem Blade-Points

1. Be sure to log into your account, and find the Rewards button in the corner.


2. In the panel you see your points, if you have rewards already available and ways to earn as well as redeem. To redeem, press redeem.


 3. Ways to redeem, get a discount code. The system can only take one discount code at a time. If you have another code with a percentage, you will have to choose which one you use. Generally it is advised to save up Blade-Points for discounts on larger purchases. Press Redeem


4. You are able to adjust how many Blade-Points you want to spend. Max out or save some? Choose on the slider and press Redeem.


5. If you have a reward available already the system will not combine them, but you will have 2 separate codes which are not usable on the same time. If this happens, contact us and we will sort it out. Press continue.


6. Discount code! Here you have the discount code you can apply in the checkout area. It will also be sent to your email, check your spam if it does not arrive promptly. The system only recognizes one discount code per order. If you have several with a set monetary value, please contact us before you order.

Enjoy responsibly!



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